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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Exit stage...into the pits!

It seems that this disastrous theatrical group known as New Labour is going to be upstaged by a real actress. Glenda Jackson says she is prepared in principle to act as a "stalking horse" to trigger a leadership contest against Tony Blair. What kept her waiting so long is what I say. Surely she knew the script backwards, she had a producer, director, and stage manager. In fact several as I understand.

The ham actor has strutted the stage for too long. The play what Tony wrote is no longer playing to rave revues. In fact, the audience figures were never properly tallied anyway!

Ms Jackson, a former transport minister, opposed the war in Iraq. She said "If there was a group of MPs who asked me to put my name forward, I would be ready to be a stalking horse. My feeling is, if he is not going to go now, then he should go at the end of the first 18 months of this Parliament, at the time of the Queen's Speech next autumn. Ideally, he would go now, because we have got local elections to fight."

All too true! Glenda might get more than she thinks. Word on the street is that Gordon will act as impresario-in-chief!


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