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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The House Doctor Cometh!

The Deputy Prime Minister, in the name of John Prescott, is busily reorganising not just the furniture but whole streets in Liverpool. A street of three-storey Victorian terrace homes has become the latest battleground in his controversial Pathfinder scheme after it was identified as the most expensive street earmarked for redevelopment. The Deputy Prime Minister's project aims to replace redundant housing with new accommodation. Homes valued at £145,000 are being bought for demolition. Is he mad? or a philistine? or just plain daft? Has he ever heard of renovating a house?

Jane Kennedy, the Labour MP for Wavertree and Minister of State for Health, revealed the deep disquiet within the Government about Mr Prescott's troubled housing market renewal scheme, which has been criticised as expensive, unnecessary and based on flawed public consultation. I'd say so! The whole country should be up in arms against his cosy relationship with greedy developers and sledgehammer-happy demolitionists.

She said "There is no compelling case to demolish the area other than the vision the company has for visitors coming into the city for 2008. Unfortunately somebody has decided that the Holt area and the people who live there are a blot on the landscape and need to be removed. In my opinion the road realignment scheme has been widened into a scheme of social cleansing."

Social cleansing? Now I wouldn't put it past New Labour toffs to ride roughshod over those who are not "natural" supporters. Ms Kennedy must stand firm, not just for her constituents but for Liverpool's sake and for the country's heritage.



My Mum's house where she was born in Liverpool is one of the houses scheduled for demolition. It is superbly well built - faced with accrington brick, lovely late victorian detailed mouldings inderneath the barge boards -there isn't anything wrong with it - it's mint.

The demand for these houses is very high with young professionals - they are fine houses, people want to live in them. The highest price so far estimated for one of those so called slums that Prescott wants to flatten is 200 grand!!!

It's another example of Prescott wasting money with shit ideas, dogma and sychophancy. He surrounds himself with 'yes' people, formerly Nick Raynsford, nowadays Yvette Cooper and arch creep, David Millibrand.

I hate Prescott with a passion, I hate the way he picks up flawed, ill thought out ideas, runs with them, wastes millions, then leaves them high and dry - to move on to more meddling elsewhere.

It's all to do with his alpha male view of himself. The man is totally inadequate, totally flawed. I wouldn't trust him to run a tap.

I liked the post and so I included it in the Conservative Bloggers Weekly.


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