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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Iraq chaos threatens ancient faith!

When George Bush thought it a good thing to invade Iraq in order to rid the world of the troublesome Saddam Hussein, it is known that not a lot was done to prepare a plan for the future. In fact, the plan seemed to rest on the fact that all Iraqis, barring Saddam's cronies and henchmen, would be so overwhelmingly pleased that an effective transfer of power to the patsies would happen very quickly.

We now know how terribly wrong the lack of planning or understanding of Iraq has been. Did George Bush or Tony Blair even know there was a Christian community of long standing in Iraq? Had they ever heard of, or inquired about, minorities? What about the Mandeans? They are now fearful of being liquidated as a community!

One leaflet which Mandeans said had been distributed to homes in Baghdad gave this warning to both them and Christians -

"Either you embrace Islam and enjoy safety and coexist amongst us, or leave our land and stop toying with our principles. Otherwise, the sword will be the judge between belief and blasphemy."

This is what we are up against! Bush and Blair, pushed on by acolytes with dubious motives, have no real clue as to what they have done. Islam is now, in part, more radicalised than ever before.

The only way forward is for some Chief Imam to come forward, for Islam to be "modernised" (without diluting its core beliefs!), so that all warmongering, hateful, and oppressive verses in the Qu'ran are expunged. In this way Islam can be seen to become again the peaceful religion it should be!

Spread salutation between you, by saying to each other- As-Salam Alaikum "peace be on you"

Bush and Blair should be minded of unreconstructed Islam! From "An Introduction to Islam" -

Hostile non-Muslim have no right to protection, whatsoever.

However, the same site suggests - Non-Muslims seeking refuge and security in an Islamic territory have the right to full protection

I hope they do believe in helping non-Muslims as some Muslims in Iraq have got the wrong idea!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4260170.stm http://www.iad.org/Islam/rnonmuslim.html


The whole invasions was badly thought out. It was a knee jerk reaction to the American blood lust following 9/11 and oil rich Iraq was the perfect choice.

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