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Monday, October 31, 2005

Of Goblins and Ghoulies

Today is Halloween, or more precisely All Hallows Eve(n). A hallow is another name for a saint, as November 1st is All Saints Day. Amazingly Halloween is now the second most popular event for merchandising gifts and party items after Christmas. Even in Britain, the day has taken off in the last 10 years with a massive momentum! All the paraphernalia surrounding Halloween has probably been given a boost by the remarkable success of the Harry Potter stories.

It is odd, I think, that the USA, a country that prides itself on religious observance, should take such a festival to its heart. The day was something that came out of Celtic mythology and paganism. Now it is hard to hear an American mention All Saints Day in connection with Halloween and a similar occurrence is manifested in the UK.

I am not opposed to Halloween so long as it remains cheerful and fun. It is when the game of Trick or Treat becomes something akin to "demanding money with menaces" that I raise my eyebrows! So I would like to see, at least for Christians, a return to a full understanding of what today and tomorrow are really about.

Oh, and a word for the poor old pumpkin! Don't waste it, please! Especially in the UK!! Do as a lot of Americans do, make pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup. Both are inexpensive and I guarantee, once you've got it the way you like them, you won't say no again!



I think I will stick to whittling my turnip

Hey, I'm back!!
You know it's funny but when I work at the hospital there are some really religious people who work @ the same department as I. They are very opposed to Halloween because it features witches, goblins & ghosts. Can you believe this remark? One of them said, "Well the Lord has his holidays (XMAS & Easter). So I guess some people think that the devil has to have his too!" Some people!! Some people would take the fun out of sex if you let them!
It's good to see you keep writing interesting posts. Hope you get a chance to see mine again.

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