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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Then There Were Three!

The Tory Big Brother House votes out Ken Clarke. Not really surprising, but he didn't do that badly seeing as some pundits put his vote in the 20's. My guess is that the front-runner David Davis, having stumbled a bit, will be seen by his supporters as being not quite up to the mark. They will peel off and he will end up in third place. My prediction for Thursday is - Cameron 96, Fox 55 and Davis 47. Meaning, of course, Davis out of the race. In the end, Cameron will win and everybody will circle the wagons and the campfire will burn into the night and the Tories will wake up in the new dawn of youth and mission. Could just work for them!


Bad for us, you've put the 2 anglophobes in the lead.

Not really, because I don't think any of them will take seriously either the case for good and proper English governance and good and proper European relations! They seem more concerned with "modernising"!

It's always dangerous making predictions. Now who to vote for?

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