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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Then There Were Two!

Well, I wasn't totally wrong or totally right. Cameron came in tops and Davis slid some. But not enough to save Fox. My prediction was - Cameron 96, Fox 55 and Davis 47. The actual result was Cameron 90, Davis 57 and Fox 51. So Cameron not so many and Davis 10 more than I thought!

This all means that there will be a fight to the finish, allowing the members to settle the final score. My hunch is that Cameron will win because he has electrified the party membership and they are just hungry now for a saving figure to get them out of the mire. So there will be no coronation tomorrow as some pundits predicted and some Tory bigwigs hoped for ( save them a bob or two on a poll!).

They could, however, pursuade the two combatants to merge themselves into one leader immediately. This would save on poll costs and have the added effect of two for the price of one. Cameron Davis, now there's a name to conjure with!


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