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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tory Leadership Battle

Five candidates battle it out for the ultimate prize of leading the Conservative Party. David Davis had the dubious title of "front runner" but that was trashed today by the press which seemed to think his speech a tad on the pedestrian side! The trouble here is that the party has had a real trouncing over the last 15 years. Leaders have tried but the membership dwindles and the public views the Tories as not going anywhere, at least for them.

What I detect is that the membership is looking out for a charismatic leader that will take them to the promised land. Davis is not in that league, however competent, good and caring he may be. It's a tough old world. My senses say that a good orator will succeed and that boils down to Cameron or Clarke. Both these men could take on the chameleon that masquerades as the Prime Minister. That would electrify the party. Winning is what counts in politics but winning with a cause and a message. Cameron has the ability to speak from the heart, without notes or prompters, and in an election with a "meet the people" factor, he could do really well. It worked well for John Major on his soapbox!

All the main parties have fewer active members willing to trek to the seaside in order to become like sealions clapping for their dinners. A cursory glance at the hall shows that the leaders are not playing to packed audiences! Maybe towns like Hastings, Skegness and Torquay will be in with a shout giving cheaper venues and the illusion of the "full house"!

Whoever wins the Conservative Party leadership needs to engage with the public so as to make the party worth belonging to. More members for all parties must be good for our democracy. And that means more voters taking part. How can we speak of democracy when our government only enjoys 21.6% active support of eligible voters?


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David Davis is the only non-Anglophobe in the press and the only one to get a battering by the press. Interesting ...

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