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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Who's Lying Now?

Having tuned into the new version Sky News on Monday night I noticed that James Rubin (formerly of the Clinton camp) now has a nice turn interviewing the great and the good! Tony Blair was on and he again came up with the old porky that al Queda was in Iraq so that was cause to attack in the first place. Totally wrong, but what does he care? Now there are all kinds of insurgents moving around including al Queda misfits and ba'athist rejects!

And George Galloway is accused by the Senate of telling lies! Whatever one thinks of George, and I tend to think of him as a shameless opportunist but probably no perjurer, it's a bit rich of Republican Senator Norm Coleman, the chairman of the committee in question, to say documents it had uncovered were "the smoking gun". He said that Mr Galloway had "been anything but straight" with the committee and he had sent a report to the US Department of Justice and to British authorities. It has all along been one huge smoking gun and I do not believe Bush or Blair have been straight at all!

Galloway was stupid to get involved with Iraq in the first place in the way he did. It was a nest of vipers and he is just being bitten for his trouble. But truth will out, I hope, and this comedy of errors has far more to run!


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