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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blair Shifts Ground!

So Tony Blair is going to announce tomorrow that he is rethinking his plans to allow terror suspects to be held for up to 90 days without charge. This is not, apparently, because he had a dream that told him it was wrong, but because Downing Street conceded he may struggle to get the measures through Parliament. All very neat and tidy, then!

What Blair fails to realise when he mocks the opposition to his plans is that the concerns expressed are not about terrorists as such, but about his inability to have laws drafted properly and when laws are enacted, for the police (who currently appear to be in some kind of trance when it comes to New Labour's bidding) to go around using them against people such as aged hecklers of long-standing Labour party membership. It is because the vast majority in this country now no longer trust Blair's words that the detail of his anti-terrorism measures are being so avidly scrutinised.

We are all against terrorist acts, as the Conservative (David Davis) and Liberal Democrat (Mark Oaten) Home Affairs spokesmen said. We just don't want to live in a society where free speech is curtailed and liberty abused because the police don't have the necessary resources to do a proper job!


Bliar is so a hypocrit about terror, as this article shows

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