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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pension Problems!

It really is amazing the way the government sees the pensions crisis in the UK! It's rather like an ostrich, not exactly with its head in the sand rather pecking at all who walk by it a crazed manner.

There was a time when people could expect to leave their companies with a decent pension. Then the likes of Robert Maxwell started to "borrow" from the nest eggs of others. Then the borrowing became bankruptcy in many cases with harrowing tales being told on TV. Corporate stealing went on. The legendary Frank Field, a Labour MP with a conscience, began to say publicly that people's pensions would be inadequate. Mostly he was told to be quiet by the likes of Gordon Brown.

Brown is an odd cove! He talks about prudence or did. Now he seems to be keen on means testing people. 40 years ago such talk would have him strung up at a Labour Party conference! He leaks or gets someone to leak the Turner report, so he can snort at its findings. This Turner commission cost £1.5 million so we shouldn't waste it should we? Both Brown and Blair now say this report is only a prelude for further debate.

These two cowboys need to know. The time for debate is over. Otherwise more old folk will be on the streets and they've got the steely determination to cause trouble!



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