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Friday, November 11, 2005

A Policeman's lot is.....LOBBYING???

Is it any wonder we have the police in a bind over their subservient role in the New Labour fantasyland? Now we have ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) lobbying MPs and acting like a think tank. A spokeswoman said "This was a police service proposal. We were asked some time ago to put forward a proposal of 90 days. It is our opinion that we have a duty to back up that professional judgement with evidence. Of course we were contacting MPs. They needed to be informed before they made a decision."

What does she think she is saying? Who asked the police to "put forward a proposal of 90 days" and why was ACPO contacting MPs? In the UK it is Parliament that hears of the concerns or views of the police from ministers. It is certainly not the duty of police officers, servants of the Crown, to be digging around in political lobbying practices.

This confused woman misunderstands the term duty, misunderstands the role of policing and misunderstands the separation of political decisions and employment as a servant of the Crown!


Just submitted an FOI request for copies of correspondence relating to the request for them to put forward the proposal ...


I have read that ACPO was requested by the government to put forward a proposal for the 90 day detention without charge of terrorist suspects.

Can you please confirm this and provide copies of correspondence, both internal and external, in relation to this request?

I am requesting this information under the provsions of the Freedom of Information Act.


Brilliant! I'm sure this spokeswoman has let some kind of cat out of the bag by saying "we were asked"!

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