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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Browned Off?

My November Poll was a little bit of fun, I know, but if it does reflect opinion today, then Gordon Brown can kiss goodbye to an instant coronation once Blair goes on his merry way.

The result was - Prescott 3 (25%); Brown 2 (16.7%); Kelly 2 ; Beckett 1 (8.3%); Benn 1; Blunkett 1; Reid 1; and Straw 1.

Not a great turnout, but the point seems to be that Brown could possibly get a rival or two in real life. I'm beginning to think that he is more than likely going to get a contest. His demeanour is becoming more sour grapes and sulking than supportive. His mannerisms more pronounced, with his claw hand emphasis onto the pages of his speeches and his increased use of drawing breath in through his mouth when making a point. At a number of times he appears tired and irritable. None of this would seem to endear him to an image maker, which may be why Blair has been so keen to keep him dangling on a string!

If he does ever get to No. 10 he may well be the Prime Minister with the shortest tenure of the place since Andrew Bonar Law!



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