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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Liberal Thinking?

It seems that a lot of politicians are lacking in common sense. They may have the skills for political teamwork and fallout, but they sometimes seem hellbent on personal, and therefore, subsequent party freefall.

The Liberal Democrats are now in the spotlight. One wonders if it ever occurred to them that by ditching a popular leader, who happened to have a drink problem almost totally unknown to the general public, they were about to open a can of worms. After giving Kennedy the bum's rush, they get an eager deputy thrust upon them, who fluffs his lines at PMQ's. Then their home affairs spokesman, Mark Oaten, is outed as a man who had a relationship with a male prostitute, and their party president, Simon Hughes, admits now that he too is a man less than honest about his private life (which should be private but is not so when deliberate untruths are spread abroad).

Don't they ever stop to think that the British press, under the iron grip of that Australian self-righteous born-again American (for financial rather than loyalty reasons), will jump on any perceived wrongdoing and blow it back in spadefuls. I'm not really bothered about all this as such, except for Oaten's two young children. I know of no-one who, having grown up with such family history, enjoyed knowing it. It sticks for life! Human frailty is all around us. I am not judging these politicians, but simply saying - please, next time can't you just think before you act?



I'm sure that none of the guys you have mentioned will be down in the dumps for long. They can always sell their story to the Sun or if the worst comes to the worst, there's always Big Brother.

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