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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Elder abuse?

Amongst all the stories of late, this one from Gloucestershire has some beating for bureaucratic meanness and petty brain power. Richard and Beryl Driscoll, who are both 89 and have been married for 65 years, were split up by Gloucestershire Social Services when Mr Driscoll, who is disabled, was placed in a Cheltenham care home, but Mrs Driscoll did not qualify despite being blind. She was told she was not going to join him.

So the couple were given a period of torment by unthinking, pen-pushing bureacrats who can only see rules instead of reason. After they were subjected to complaints from Help the Aged and the couple's family, the hard-hearted stiffs from "social" services relented.

But where on earth was their common sense, what brain cells induced them to think this was reasonable let alone morally decent? By relenting, they admit that their original decision was very much incorrect. We allow these sort of people to operate unchecked because local democracy is so weak. We should all vote to secure proper democratic control of these municipal operatives!



Sounds like another case of implementing The Manual rather than taking account of the circumstances.

This gets my goat too. How disappointing that it has to wait until the media can be employed to help publicly shame an authority before a satisfactory outcome is reached.

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