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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stop! Who goes there?

One of my correspondents says, of Blair presumably, "why don't you guys give him a break". Well, I would if things in this country weren't so bizarre.

Today I look at BBC News to find that the actors who star in the movie "The Road to Guantanamo" were questioned by police at Luton airport under anti-terrorism legislation. One police officer from Bedfordshire Police asked one of the actors, Rizwan Ahmed, if he intended to make any more "political" films. This random check was done because we are on "heightened alert". This kind of questioning does no good for the British public in the fight against terrorism.

Bedfordshire Police need to question themselves as to why an officer felt it necessary to ask such a question. The spokeswoman's mealy-mouthed reply is not good enough.

The British police are becoming opinionated and politicised under Blair's regime. This is not how they should serve the community. I feel we have a right to comment on this unfavourable development.



yoa r right to say the police r politicised one small example is the met police allowing the labour party 2 stick campaign stickers on police vans

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