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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bully Clarke!

Charles Clarke, the shove-n'-push type of politician, who happens to be Home Secretary, has a problem with tact, rudeness, and general unkindness. Maybe at home in bed sipping his cocoa he feels aggrieved that people think he is a bully, but wouldn't it be better if he thought before he offended?

Jack Dromey, the treasurer of the Labour Party knew nothing of Blair's cash raising scam (a really cheesy putdown to the very law Blair brought in to stop political financial sleeze - what a hypocrite!) and protested as much. Then Clarke weighs in, all mouth and no sense, saying Dromey has been taking his eyes off the ball. "You have to wonder how well he was doing his work", opines the tubby tormenter. When told this kind of remark is both untrue and unhelpful, Clarke repeats the insinuation. This is not an isolated case. Clarke just tends to be rude. In Norwich Cathedral, he went to give a talk, on Bishop's Day March 10th, and did not allow questions. A Canon of the cathedral, Phillip McFadyen, whose daughter was injured in the July 7th bombings in London, tried to ask the Home Secretary about holding a public inquiry. Clarke glared at him 'in a very nasty way' and snapped "Get away from me - I will not be insulted by you". The canon was left stunned by this outburst and the general tone of Clarke. Later Clarke saw the error of judgement and apologised by letter.

The problems Labour face are due to the fact that Blair's way of operating is a "ducking and diving" way. As sensible Labour Party members peel off from the syncophancy surrounding this spiv, only the diehards are left spouting supportive rubbish. Those left in the dark, out of the loop, or just not in Blair's lair, are justly suspicious of the goings-on.



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