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Monday, May 29, 2006

England here we go!

I like the fact that people in England are driving around in cars and vans sporting England flags. World Cup fever has hit hard and people are out to enjoy themselves. And why not? The flag of England is a simple one but it represents the Cross of St George, a red cross on a white background. It stands out in a crowd, partly because of the brightness of the design. Nothing dull about it! However, there are people who themselves are dull, mainly local authorities where cream-crackered cretins can impose their crazy notions on others. Why they think supporting your country in a football tournament is anything other than normal defeats me.

Taxi drivers in Cheltenham have been banned from displaying flags! And some dippy headmistress told her pupils not to show any flag in the school, until she back-tracked saying "It upsets the kids. That's why we have changed it". Chris Keates, general secretary of teachers' union NASUWT, had to add his ten cents worth of dubious comment to the head's woes. He said, "It is, however, essential that we do not surrender to those with a racist and fascist agenda or stifle national pride in the achievements of a multicultural England football team which is representing a multicultural nation." I doubt if the team members are thinking of this balderdash! They all appear well adjusted Englishmen at ease with their sporting abilities and team comaraderie!

So, as England gears up for the World Cup, it seems a plethora of World Cup songs are out there for us to go for! Usually, it is just the official song - not this time! I've clocked twelve already.

They are, with links:-

  1. World At Your Feet – Embrace (Official Song) http://www.embrace.co.uk/
  2. (Is This The Way To) The World Cup - Tony Christie http://www.isthistheway.co.uk
  3. Hurry Up England - Sham 69 And The Special Assembly www.virginradio.co.uk *
  4. England are Jolly Dee – The Hamiltons https://www.audioville.co.uk/
  5. We Are the Champions (Ding A Ding Dong) - Crazy Frog www.crazyfrogfootball.net
  6. Chant Like and English Fan - The Laddz http://www.theladdz.com/ http://www.myspace.com/theladdz
  7. Hi Ho Come on England - John Leyton http://www.johnleytonofficial.com/
  8. Sing it for England - Young Stanley http://www.myspace.com/youngstanley http://www.singitforengland.co.uk/
  9. Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Jurgen Klinsmann? - Tone Def All Stars http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2006180246,00.html
  10. World In Motion - New Order www.neworderonline.com/Music/Song.aspx?SongID=69
  11. We are England - Ricky www.weareengland.co.uk
  12. England My England - Dead Poets Society www.myenglandsong.com

* www.virginradio.co.uk/djsshows/shows/breakfast/features/world_cup_song/video.html

This year there's practically a song for every player! It is quite apparent that people are going to enjoy themselves hugely and this is only a part of it! So, come on England, let's have fun!



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