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Monday, May 15, 2006

Social Service? More like Social Menace!

I have just witnessed on television tonight, the Real Story, a pitiful tale of the all-powerful nature of the British state when its underlings are in the "we-know-best" frame of mind and who find saying sorry the hardest thing. Tonight it was the case of the Hardingham family, who had their three children removed and subsequently adopted after a court hearing. Most of the extended family suffer from brittle bone disease, but the zealots from Norfolk Social Services were unimpressed. They got the view of two "experts" who said that it was "categorically" not the case that the child in question, who had his bone broken, was a sufferer of the disease. So on the say-so of these medical pointyheads, the family court had the three children adopted.

The case shows how much we need to be on our guard against the state case-worker who cannot see past the end of the nose that's looking at a file! So the Hardingham's are expecting another baby. As Mrs. Hardingham said "We do not know if we will get a knock on the door!"

Medical science did not stop in 1984 but to witness the handiwork of some experts used by the state one would very much think so. Abuse of a child is very much a criminal matter, and needs most certainly to be investigated but the over-zealous nature of gimlet-eyed pursed-lipped penpushers is also a matter of great concern in a democratic society.

One relative in the Hardingham family, whose young child experienced the very same fracture, carries around a letter stating that this disease is present. How frightening it must be to feel that an illness, which seems to have passed into social service oblivion, could possibly be the reason for wrongful imprisonment or forced removal of your children. When these children are old enough they could seek out their natural parents, who will be overjoyed no doubt but Social services will need to do some explaining!

I would think a lot of people in Norfolk are wondering what their tax money is going towards.



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