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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

England Progresses!

However well or badly a team plays, scoring goals is the only thing that really matters in football/soccer. England have been criticised for lacklustre performances, but it's always easier from the touchline! ITV Sport commentators now seem to ressemble a couple of blokes in a bar gazing up at a big screen. "Ee's not razor sharp, Rooney, is he?" "Na! Ee's not!" - and so the bon mots keep coming. A 2-2 draw did not give the fans that much to celebrate. Sweden scored the 2000 goal in World Cup history and England still has not beaten them since 1968. Much was said of all this.

I do think it is having an effect on the viewers. Previously, my neighbours have gone wild with enthusiasm at each goal scored. Last night the street was decidedly quiet! Not a sound was to be heard. The flags are still flying, though.

Maybe the match against Uruguay will do it. Win that and the carping might stop. All I know is that football is a hell of a lot more pressured these days. In between goals, I was musing on what David Beckham might do after football. The fact that he has matured under the pressure over the years could well show he could do almost anything he wanted. And football is much more aggressive. At school I would have been well reprimanded for kicking a man (well, boy) when he was down. Seems if you can get away with it, OK!

Now that England enters the next stage the fun really starts - and we have a good chance to do well!


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