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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What a Mess!!

Schools are failing to keep "even the simplest" records of whether their staff are safe to work with children, a government-commissioned report says. There was a culture of thinking it was "somebody else's job", the English education watchdog Ofsted found. So the BBC reports.

Whatever is happening in this country? Anybody know? We get some bright spark in the Home Office, who claims to be a senior official, admitting to being clueless about immigration statistics. Then we hear of health trusts, with only basic accounting skills, revealing audit trails going nowhere, and now this hopeless state of affairs with the vetting of staff.

Anybody want an ID card from this lot?

The "intelligence" obtained by the police in the Forest Gate raid came from a guy with an IQ from the lower ranges, so what were they thinking of. Does anybody feel safe with the "intelligence" we are being told is of utmost importance and relevance?

From the Sunday Herald in Scotland -

The police informant in east London was, it is understood, not part of any terrorist organisation or identifiable anti-British group. This was “intelligence” off the street that the Met had to defend when the information was shared with MI5 and subsequently with the Home Secretary. The poor relationship between the police and MI5, and the turf war over who ultimately has the ability to keep Britain safe, may lie behind the violent fiasco of Forest Gate.

For this reason it is thought that the Met would prefer to conduct its own investigation into what happened and to keep any public intrusion to a minimum. Equally, while MI5 will not want their institutional secrecy compromised, the department might relish the prospect of showing Forest Gate was a mess created by the police.

So they will act like spoilt brats to get their way! Now James Bond was far better! Lessons in proper intelligence gathering must be a priority with these clowns.


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