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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blair Blusters On!

So the Spiv-in-Chief declares he is not resigning....yet! All around him are adding their names to the list which advocates he goes in September at the party conference, or at least by next May, his 10th anniversary. If he stays on my bet is he will be pushed.

Blair is the arch manipulator. He weedled his way into the chambers of Lord Irvine. He got himself selected at the last minute in Sedgefield for the 1983 election, and he got Gordon Brown to believe that the only man who could win the 1997 election for Labour was Blair himself! The man has a great gift for making people believe that they can only be successful if he is their personal vanguard! Trouble is, that method of manipulation has truly ended.

Good to see Putin was on excellent form with this particular "democrat"! Hope he told the joke "Моя собака не имеет никакого носа! Как он пахнет? Ужасный!". Lighten the mood a bit!

Peter Hitchens, in his column in the Mail on Sunday, has a go at Blair by suggesting that we are all in some kind of prison camp which we need to tunnel out of. His description of recognising Blair as "a dim, squawking nonentity" right from the start may be true, but most of us, especially those soldiering away for their beliefs in the Labour Party, are fairly certain his only claim to fame will be the election of 1997.

Roy Hattersley is the latest to suggest Blair hops it in September. It's rather like a dinner guest outstaying his welcome. This guest though got the caterers to change the menu, then told the host the party would go a hell of a lot better if he sat at the head of the table!

I'm just old enough to remember Huw Wheldon on "All Your Own" when he would end by congratulating the child(ren) taking part with these words "Whatever else it will be, it will be well and truly.....all your own". I very much think that these words are just the same for Blair, as his eventual downfall will be "all his own"!


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