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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

European Union Information!

Anyone interested in the "Real" facts can call these people at the new Europe Direct centres, which the EU hope will dispel some myths!

Margot Wallström, European Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy said: “I am pleased to announce the opening of 25 brand-new centres in the UK, completing the Europe Direct network. I am well aware of euroscepticism in the UK. Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a bit of healthy scepticism on any subject, as long as it’s based on the facts. Polls show that the British public want access to more factual information on the EU, and it’s Europe Direct’s job to help provide this."

How about telling us why the European Commission cannot account for billions being squandered. The EU’s accounts for 2004 have not been signed off – for the 11th year in a row! No whelk stall managers these then!

Tell them what you think - here are the venues!

Contact details for your local Europe Direct Centre

Hope they all have a good set of accountants!

Ashley Mote MEP has them in his sights!!!


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