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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Family courts 'to be more open'

Whilst I am generally steamed up by the plots and spins of Tony Blair's government, they are not completely wrong all the time. Thankfully, Harriet Harman has done, or will do, a great justice to families caught up in the present secrecy of the Family Courts. This secrecy only helps the zealots of the social services department, who appear to see black and white as something reserved for their files. It also protects paid-for witnesses, usually medics on a mission!

So I support Harriet in this much-needed reform. Last night, on Channel 4, there was a programme showing the fall-out in the lives of two people. One was Michael, who developed a brain tumour that affected his behaviour. The other was Alex, a young soldier who had a skiing accident and woke up from a coma, his personality dramatically changed - he had lost all sexual inhibition!

Left to their own devices these two would be in jail as sexual perverts and molesters. However, the neurological world understands frontal lobe accidents and that this part of the brain controls behaviour.

Just a thought! As I see many people every day driving around using mobile phones, wouldn't it be a tragedy if one of them had an accident, hit a passerby so that he/she had frontal lobe damage and that person's behaviour changed so that the police felt obliged to arrest them and they ended up in jail! As I say, just a thought!

Mindshock: Sex on the Brain


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