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Friday, July 21, 2006

Prescott sparks rule change call

Controversy over John Prescott's stay at a US tycoon's ranch shows rules for investigating ministers need to change, says Parliament's sleaze watchdog. He got a slap on the wrist for telling meatless porkies - well, he was 11 months late in telling the Palace of Westminster officials of his Gene Autry impressions during his stay with Philip Anschutz, the guy who thinks the Dome would make a great casino.

Frankly John Prescott ought to apologise to John Major. He should say something like "Sorry John! Whilst I was being high-minded about your ministers I was playing away myself! Like them I have always felt above it all, especially since being the Deputy Prime Minister! I realise knocking my secretary up on the office floor whilst the civil servants sat outside went far beyond anything you had to cope with. It must have been my inate hatred of snobby Tories that made me spout out all that bile. I humbly apologise for being such a toad!"

Somehow I don't think this will happen.


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