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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tony Decides!

"I think it will be a smooth transition... there will be a timetable decided by Tony and the party". So says the Deputy Prime Minster, Yo John. John Prescott's latest remarks may have aimed to end doubts over his own future - but they have reignited intense speculation over Tony Blair's resignation. Trust John! Tony's got a long hot summer in front of him.

Prescott added to the speculation by suggesting leadership elections would come "very shortly". And he revealed, for the first time, that a timetable for the prime minister's departure would be set out to ensure the "orderly transition" of power. Personally, I've never understood what the chameleons in New Labour mean by an orderly transition. Is it a tea party style election, a shoe-in for Gordon, or some patsie Blair is urging to come forward at the last minute?

The sooner they all go the better. Spivs they definitely are! We need principled leadership and fair governance without nosey interference. New Labour is incapable of delivering any of this.


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