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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Milky Bar Kid

I remember the late Eric Heffer MP lambasting the new craze for "global brands". "I'm not saying Ness-Lay!" The old world of Nestles was making way for Ness-Lay!!

I've just seen the original Milky Bar Kid on a reworked TV advert! The voice-over comes in quickly to eradicate any memories. I don't think it sounds as good.

Global branding is good in some ways but it does have a slight tinge of big brother about it. Definitely no subsidiarity with these universal corporations.


Yeah I agree they should have just put up the old adverts, they obviously have them stashed somewhere and I am familiar with the age of them and the fact they might have got damaged but being the age of seventeen and I grew up with the milkybar kid (Was even nick-named him). My earliest memories was of him and his "The milkybars are on me" catchphrase I used to have the blonde hair and blue eyes with the circle glasses.

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