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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Peeling an Orange!

Basically, I'm fairly easy-going - I think! I'm all for fair play, decency, and playing the game! Sounds old fashioned? Well, I don't think so, and I hope we can build a society that values these things.

Ball-tampering, dodgy CVs, celebrity photos touched up, minor law-breaking (traffic offences such as mobile phone use whilst driving!), all add up to make society less than it should be. We are now in a country run by control freaks, who patronise political correctness, yet seem to connive in the bending of the rules. WMD?

Now a man has been suspended from Orange, the media/telecom outfit. On the Conservative Home site, Inigo Wilson, a community affairs manager at Orange, sounded off about how he sees the world of political correctness. His reference "Islamophobic - anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work" is what got him into trouble.

An Orange spokesman has said: "All employees are issued with guidelines as to what constitutes behaviour that brings the company into disrepute. We need to investigate now to determine whether or not Mr. Wilson has breached those guidelines." I'd dearly love to know what pomposity is in this document.

It is an outrage that freedom of speech in this country is regulated by corporate characters who have a track record (not necessarily Orange) of pension raiding, lying to regulators, and generally feathering their nests! Orange should have told the complainants that this is a free country. I don't think Inigo Wilson ever said in his blog that he worked for Orange, so why the fuss?

Orange has behaved in a very unpleasant way. Bloggers beware!


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