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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Regional dissembling!

An MP has recently said that he was "incandescent with rage" over a decision by a regional assembly that has delayed a £101m dualling improvement scheme on the A11 between Fiveways and Thetford - regarded as the most dangerous stretch of road in the area. Why the delay? Apparently the East of England Regional Assembly's chief executive Brian Stewart has been economic with the truth, saying his quango is not responsible. Being a quango head these days seems to allow a "not me, mate" response to be the mainstay of the job! However, the Transport Minister Stephen Ladyman confirmed that the dualling project had been put back beyond 2011 - instead of starting in 2008 - on the assembly's recommendation. Oh dear Mr.Stewart! Fit for purpose? I don't think so.

Richard Spring, MP for Suffolk West, complained: "This makes a mockery of democracy. This is an issue of an unelected assembly riding roughshod over the wishes of the electorate."

I'd say so. Why on earth these timeservers are allowed to meddle in such matters I do not know. Well, actually, I do, it's those busybodies in Brussels, who give the likes of Mr.Stewart his gravy train's uniform, so that he can run around quangoing all day.

Any sense in it all?


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