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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Terror troubles

Today eleven people have appeared in court in connection with the alleged plot to blow up several transatlantic airliners. The police seem confident that the facts borne out by the evidence gathered so far will lead to successful prosecutions. I sincerely hope that this evidence is correct, because we all stand to gain by it being so.

My previous post gave a link to Craig Murray's blog. Mr.Murray has good reason to be suspicious of some motives of the powers-that-be. However, I would, whilst supporting the absolute need for clarity, not give succour to the idea that these men should not stand trial. It is our way in this country to weed out the truth. Those appearing today have pleaded not guilty. They may be, but the chances of this being proved so are getting slimmer by the day as evidence is obtained.

I don't want the security forces and the police to get egg on their faces. What I want to see is proper procedure and due process. It now seems, after the high profile mistakes, that the police are giving us the assurances that we need to believe in the "system".

One thing is certain as being 100% factual. There have been Islamic suicide bombers in this country and there are still those planning to be ones. Our civic duty must be in giving moral support to the baffled and confused majority (the vast majority) of British Muslims who are at pains to understand why those they thought they knew well are such Jeckyll and Hyde personalities.


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