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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorist Tactics

Today the UK has been subjected to a whole mixture of news coverage, patience, and relief. Again we awoke to be told on the radio and TV that "terrorists" had threatened to commit unspeakable mayhem. Why? Because, as one professor in Chicago said "they are angry men".

My thoughts today have been that the authorities have behaved well. They have bent over backwards to tell us all that they reasonably can. They have been united politically. The day seemed to pan out well in his respect.

However, it is the long suffering traveller that gets it. No hand luggage that cannot be seen through clear bags. So all your tampons, sanitary wear, dentures, suppositories and whatever are rattling around in a cheap looking supermarket bag. You can't take a mobile phone, so forget your roaming charges. You can't take your specs' case so your designer glasses could well end up all scratched if not attached to your nose! And tasting baby milk? What of those who've expressed their own? Oh, boy! Aren't these terrorists s**t?

Sky News, always keen to be outsmarting the Metropolitan Police's press office, said that the "home grown" terrorists, all of Pakistani origin, had been rounded up. Apparently they had been under surveillance since December last.What went through the minds of the spooks watching them. Surely not that these were the finest of citizens? Why are these newly-bearded fanatics, who profess peace to their families and friends, yet harbour hatred and malice, allowed to continue with this nonsense. Surely it is time for those Muslims who are against this madness to stand up and be counted.

This week Channel 4 showed Jon Snow talking to Muslims in Britain. Not many moderate Muslims on show, I noticed. How depressing it all was. The "English" were depicted as depraved, sexually aberrant, with a penchant for Islamophobia. They kept saying that Islam rejected these "values". I've never heard a priest or rabbi, teacher or minister, preacher or pastor say that any of the things that were held against non-Muslims should stand as canons of the Faith!

Some years ago a Pakistani said to me, "You f****d our country, so we're here to f**k yours". I have been convinced for a long time that there have been two sections of immigrant-based community. The integrated and the separatists. It is the separatists that are harbouring these terrorists, that hold the view that 9/11 was inspired by Bush, and that the British Isles are in need of conversion. Sharia law in London? You need to be kidding.

So instead of worrying about the baby milk, the government needs to be addressing the anger in the separatist communities. Otherwise we are all in for a long haul with this!


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