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Friday, August 04, 2006

Walter Wins the Day!

Walter Wolfgang, the heckler ejected from last year's Labour conference, has been elected to the party's ruling National Executive Committee (NEC). This is just the tonic we all need, whether we are Labour or not. Personally, I wouldn't have the stomach for it all, much preferring the less government approach of the conservative side of politics. However, Walter has proved his point and I for one think his election is great.

The New Labour nightmare, set up by those arch-control freaks Campbell and Mandelson, with Blair grinning his approval was like a genie gone mad once let out of the bottle. I saw Campbell on the TV at the weekend being his usual pervy self, slyly commenting on David Cameron as being a man with all the sound-bites but no policy content. He's a fine one to talk! His babbling airhead protege is supreme when it comes to sound-bites and no policy.

We now have a Prime Minister fumbling around in Downing Street trying to repair his clumsy approach to the whole of the Middle East. Why doesn't he just go on holiday at let those more experienced in diplomacy get on with the job. Begs the question why he ever sacked Jack Straw!

Walter, aged 83, said the rough way he was treated in Brighton had "woken people up" to Labour's "control freakery" and the NEC result was "partially a result of that", he added. Let's hope the Labour Party members have realised that Blair has given them nothing but spin and blather!

Walter goes from heavy-handed (and somewhat brutal) ejection to smooth-paced election. Let's hope he gets to wipe the grin off the face of the Spiv-in-Chief!


Well yes.but is Walter "The Future of Labour Politics"?Ummmm .if he were 50 years younger...........

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