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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finns to finish off English Civil Law?

Guess what? Those who thought that the European Union was just a cosy trading zone, like the outgoing leader of UKIP, Roger Knapman, thought he was signing up to in the 70's, are going to be sorely tested now.

This is from the Finnish EU Presidency website

At the meeting on Thursday morning 21 September the Ministers will, under the direction of the Minister of Justice, Ms Leena Luhtanen, discuss intensification of cooperation in civil law and criminal law, and, under the direction of the Minister of the Interior, Mr Kari Rajamäki, improvement of the implementation of the EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy in the light of the recent serious attempts at terrorist acts in the EU area.

English Civil Law has nothing much in common with the codified thinking of the followers of Napoleon. And I would not have much confidence in the EU having any say in our Criminal Law. I think we need to ask why the EU is now totally absorbed in controlling from the centre, from weights and measures to jaywalking!

So much for the late Grocer Heath who sold the country the notion of civilised trading and cheaper washing machines! An American once said to me "Well, it's all one country now, isn't it?" How these EU federalists would love it to be so. And they have the audacity to speak of democracy! They are currently poking their noses into the Polish Government's make-up and they imply that their way is the only way.

We have been warned.


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