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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gordon the Crab!

Quite a few children (and their "grown-up helpers") will remember Gordon the Gopher, the furry companion of Philip Schofield. Today Gordon Brown was giving a talk at the Mini plant in Cowley. The speech was carried on BBC News24. The camera angle helped! As he spoke, his left hand kept moving around like some demented crab trying to get in on the act. In claw-like movements, it moved around in 5-second bursts. Then it speeded up to around 2-seconds, all the while caressing the notes as if they might leave the lectern by their own devious methods. The hand seemed to me taking on a life of its own. I found myself wondering if it was still joined to the wrist, or if it was a cousin of the Adams family's HAND!!

If he ever gets to be Prime Minister, the hand will have to be taken into hand - literally!


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