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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Matilda versus Tony!

Whatever Matilda told it seems Tony can do better. So says the Daily Mail!

The Daily Mail has received this extraordinary, unexpurgated recording of a candid meeting between Tony Blair and his Cabinet colleagues...

"Hey, guys. Have you seen the riots in Hungary on the news? All because the Prime Minister decided to tell the truth for once. What got into him? I mean, everyone knows we've been lying for years, but that's no reason to admit it. How I've got away with the 'pretty straight kind of guy' act for so long is a mystery. The first time I wheeled it out, over the Formula One fiasco, John Humphrys and I kept getting a fit of the giggles. We had to do three takes.

Remember '24 hours to save the NHS'? That was a laugh. We've spent billions and the health service is still a complete shambles. Don't interrupt, Patricia. We all know your statistics are a work of fiction. We're having to bale out hospitals in marginals just to keep them open. Patients are dying like flies from MRSA. You stand more chance of getting out of Basra alive.

And that's another thing. Can you believe anyone ever fell for that WMD rubbish? Alastair cobbled it together off the internet. As for the idea that we were all going to be attacked in 45 minutes, well, I ask you. I don't know how I kept a straight face. Dubya decided to attack Iraq long before 9/11, just to get even for his dad. First time I met him, he took me to one side and said: "Yo, Blair! We're going into Iraq to kick ass. I'm expecting you to step up to the plate because we can't rely on those cheese-eating surrender monkeys".

Eat your hearts out, you Hungarian backsliders!


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