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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Sense of Fun, Please! We're Politically Correct Zealots!

Last Saturday the Prime Minster's wife, Cherie Blair went to a school sports event in Glasgow and one boy decided to make a "rabbit ears" gesture behind her head. Mrs. Blair was reported to have made a playful gesture to the boy, which I think was giving him a joshing tap. Then guess what. Some morons from the Child Protection in Sport Unit complained to police. Strathclyde Police, cravenly following the mindless notions of these jobsworths, took statements from witnesses to the alleged incident, which occurred at a national school sports event in Glasgow last Saturday.

Police said "it had been established no incident had taken place" and that the inquiry into the matter was now closed. When did Strathclyde Police lose their senses and become automatons?

Six detectives were sent to investigate! Conservative Glasgow MSP Bill Aitken said the case had been a massive waste of police time. Too true! He said, "This has all the hallmarks of a monumental waste of police time. They have a duty to follow up any complaints, but I'm glad to say they're dropping it and getting on with catching the real criminals who cause so much harm to society."

The trouble with the way this New Labour Government has steered things is that the country seems to be run by a triumvirate of sleazy businessmem, politically correct zealots, and control freaks.

Anyone wanting to tell them something can contact the Child Protection in Sport Unit and advise them that they have better things to do such as apprehending real perverts and certainly not the Prime Minister's wife in broad daylight!

As for the boy, he thought it was "just a bit of fun". He said, "I've no idea why I did it. It was all done in good fun. I didn't expect anything to come of it, she just tapped me and said 'you're lucky I have such a good sense of humour'. I didn't think there would be any trouble about it."

Pity these control freaks don't have ANY sense of humour!


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