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Friday, September 15, 2006

Parallel Universes?

Listening to some Islamic commentators tonight on the various news channels, I am left wondering if there ever will be an understanding with Muslims. They claim to be peaceful yet the "West" is wondering why they need to fly off the handle, shout death threats, burn effigies, and generally rabble-rouse.

Most of my life there have been attacks on religious thought, anti-Christian sentiments and general smart-alec jokes. I don't get bothered, overheated, or seek revenge. This is a free country. Free speech is paramount.

However, the Pope was NOT condemning Islam, or insulting the Prophet, or anything else. He was engaged in a serious contemplation of why some people seek to promote their beliefs with violence. The Muslim representatives seemed conveniently ignorant of the full speech, and just sounded off, denouncing the Pope. It is the lack of democratic debate in most Islamic countries that gives them the closed thinking and herd mentality.

On Sky News a Muslim was asked if he condemned the outrageous statements of the President of Iran in seeking to obliterate Israel. He chose the weasel route and likened Israel to apartheid South Africa. Others have come out with equally absurd statements. On the BBC the guy seemed to imply that Muslims should be giving an equal standing with the Catholic Church by Catholics. When told that this did not fit with Catholic belief, but that the church desired dialogue, he became quite unresponsive.

Muslims have been given all due respect in the UK, and other countries, by being allowed to follow their beliefs, build mosques, and teach their children accordingly. I think this is right and proper. Why then are Christians in Muslim countries attacked, not allowed to build churches, and generally harrassed?

By asking why some Islamic societies have certain propensities for violence, we are trying to establish truth by not sweeping our quest for answers under the magic carpet!


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