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Friday, September 22, 2006

A Policeman's Lot! Being Politically Correct and Abysmally Wrong!

What is it with our police forces of today? They seem to have taken leave of their senses! These days we appear to have a politically run and politically correct outfit. The Metropolitan Police is up in court over the Menezes case, they send 200 armed police officers on a wild goose chase, ending up with a man shot (again by mistake) - and those who make these mistakes get promoted!

Now Gloucestershire police force has admitted illegally rejecting 108 job applicants because they were white men. Who on earth though this was OK to start with? The Chief Constable? Did he personally put the applications in the waste paper bin? One or two may be a mistake, but this is all showing the hallmarks of a culture within the police.

It appears systemic. Perhaps the Conservatives could put "police reform" into their mini-manifesto to make it more maxi!


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