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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jamie Oliver's kitchen chef found dead

Kevin Boyle found dead - RIP
I hesitated at first as to whether I should put Jamie Oliver's name in this post. After all it's nothing to do with him that one of his original TV apprentices has been found dead. The name Kevin Boyle means little to anyone apart from his family and circle of friends. That's the thing about names. Famous names mean something. Why else would Sainsbury's have used Jamie Oliver's name other than to cash in on it. So the news media uses a famous name to highlight the death of a chef. It has been said that Mr Boyle would be remembered for being an "exceptionally caring person who devoted himself to his friends". That sounds an excellent epitaph.

But we may never have known of Kevin Boyle if he had not been associated with Jamie Oliver. Now we do. Fame used to be fifteen minutes worth for the average person, according to Andy Warhol. With the internet it is fifteen minutes plus a slice of eternity.


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