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Monday, September 25, 2006

Shifting Lands!

If you ever thought that the Hungarian Government was alone in deviousness, forget it. It seems a matter of course for ALL governments! Our own, when debating the Local Government Act 1972, was not above it. England got short-changed, but what's new?

Just uncovered is this - a letter from the Welsh Office!

"The Local Government Act 1972 Abolished the administrative county of Monmouthshire and the county borough of Newport, which until then were legally part of England. The definition of Wales in that Act was fully debated prior to the legislation receiving royal assent in 1972 consequently Monmouthshire became part of Wales on 1 April 1974"

Legally part of England? Is that what I saw? You see how they do it. Everything done on the sly! Except we have some people of courage. Gerald Kaufman, then Labour MP for Manchester Ardwick said "Am I to take it that an act of annexation of this magnitude is to be carried through a sparsely attended House of Commons on the nod at five minutes to midnight on the same basis as Europe has annexed England ? I wish to voice my protest."

If there had been a referendum, then that would have been a fair. But Cinderella politics, NO! I can see now why devolution has turned into a PUMPKIN!

Of course, the Great Grocer saw no harm in all this. He never saw England as a country, rather a province. No wonder the English are rumbling in the shires - and towns and cities too!

Let's all voice our protest!


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