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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bush aides 'mocked evangelicals'

Does this surprise me? Not really. For a man from a New England preppy background who decides to become a born-again Texan (accent included!), it isn't really surprising if the roots sometimes overcome the new tree! Those around Bush, and it is no exception with him as with any other leader, are usually seeking to please. If they think Bush wants to hear something, well why not say it, seems the tack!

David Kuo, a former top political adviser, alleges senior aides to the president described, in private, evangelical leaders as "nuts" and "goofy", while acknowledging their political use in securing election wins. It's all back to that good old British pantomime routine, "you said it" "no, I didn't" kind of stuff.

The trouble is that the more a leader is prepared to be economical with the truth the more some people are prepared to stand up with either the truth, a version of the truth, or a complete concoction. Whatever, it's best to be straight with people.

My inkling is that Bush, from an Episcopalian background, where eccentricities are quietly accepted, is ill at ease with these stiff-necked moralists who sound like preachers from hell most times. I don't know why he didn't kick them into the long grass years ago, stand up for his own beliefs and be the guy he should have been!

Both Bush and Blair appear to be like rabbits in the headlights of a car when it comes to supposedly powerful people and those with a greasy palm! Oh dear!!!


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