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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Call for phone drivers crackdown

I would think this fair. Very fair, actually. Using mobile phones whilst driving can cause death. However, it seems that some drivers are too arrogant or just downright anti-social in their behaviour. I see all sorts whilst walking my children to school. BT van drivers (they should know better!), parcel vans, Mercedes drivers (wow! don't they just look like boardroom fatties stuffed behind the wheel, arm leaning on the window), and trendy women leaving the leisure centre in their SUVs. None seem remotely bothered. I think the view now is that it is to do just what you want when you want.

Med Hughes, Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) roads spokesman, said it was time to rethink the penalties. I agree. "Something like 17,000 people have been prosecuted for mobile phone offences, and it's time to have reconsideration of the penalties," he says. That would seem a drop in the ocean. I see at least two when walking less than a mile! All seem oblivious of the hazards in front of them.

Where is the community spirit with these people? In the graveyard?


dr. John sent me here to tell you that in Canada much talk is on about this same issue..all talk still no action mind you..

many, many people are terribly distracted wethere it is music, phone, company or such..i think personal responsibility is a topic which should be an issue for all drivers..

Everyday on the way into work I see literally dozens of people on the phone whilst driving - a number of them are lorry drivers which worries the hell out of me.

By far the most astonishing thing I say recently was a young woman apply her eye make-up (I kid you not) with a young child in the front seat!!!!

Everyday it happens - why do the police not go undercover and just drive the route - it would be more than easy to catch these law breakers.

A loss of licence for those that ignore the rules would soon sort out everyone - as it stands people laugh in the face of the law as it is not enforced rigoursly.

Jeff - Salisbury

My cell phone is used only in emergencies or while not driving, even though there isn't a law against using it here.

Just the other day it rang while I was driving, and thinking it was my husband with an emergency I had answered it.

Only to get a telemarketer. If only I wasn't driving I would have had the time to safely give them a Dr. John experience.

I live in a tiny in in the US, and even I see atleast two when on short walk to the Post Office. And what realy makes me mad is that sometimes it's the policeman!

Dr. john says hi.

Like Chana I am also visiting from Canada by way of Dr John. Dr John has asked me to stop by and introduce myself.

In Canada it seems like over half the drivers need a cell phone stuck to their ear while they drive. I have a cellphone, but never yak into it while I am driving. I really don't see the need. I wish the rest of the provinces would follow Newfoundland's lead and make it illegal for the driver to be using their cellphone while driving.

Interesting topic I wish more people were concerned like you are.

Have a Wonderful day

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