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Friday, November 03, 2006

My Broadband getting broader!

I've just found out why I've been having trouble with the internet. I'm not on the right system! This is what happens when your service provider gets gobbled up by another. Looking back at emails from them there was some gobbledegook about things getter better but no real reference to the amount of "megs" I could use. Anyway, when I finally got fed up with it all, I summoned up the patience to do call centre time and spoke to a rather charming young man who explained that I would be better on a wireless system. I have been online to order and I am waiting now for the gadget to arrive. However, at first, I was told that my line was not capable of taking broadband (even though I've been on for nearly a year!) so that gave me a sense of security!

But I did ask him if I was the only one (thinking that I could not possibly be) to be affected. "Oh no, he said. We're getting quite a few calls about it". So they, like so many other businesses, just react to the customers rather than be pro-active in explaining things.

When I was in hospital there was a chap who had worked on the buses locally. It seems buses are maintained when they break down not when a weekly/monthly routine tells them to. Now I know why I see so many buses with flashing lights parked at the roadside.

There's always something behind the story!


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