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Friday, December 15, 2006

Corrupting the corrupt?

I was speaking to someone the other day and suggested she had a blog. "Oooh NO!" she cried "I'd have to do it every day!" I suddenly thought that she had a point. Whilst I'm thinking of things to put in my blog every day, I don't always manage it. C'est la vie!

However, I'm quite taken with the way the Vacuous Airhead manoeuvres members of his government to suit the situation. The Serious Fraud Office has apparently decided to drop a corruption probe into a defence deal with Saudi Arabia. How come? Well it all boils down to National Security, or so the hapless (or is it hopeless?) Lord Goldsmith told the House of Lords on a dull day. The SFO had been studying a 1980s deal between BAE Systems and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis had threatened to pull out of a new £6bn deal with BAE unless the probe was brought to an end. So it was all done and dusted just as Blair likes. And he has the brass neck to lecture the Iraqis on democracy?

When this government came to power it was trumpeting an ethical foreign policy. Or at least Robin Cook did. But then that greasy pole climber, Alastair Campbell, took over and the policy was ditched. Now it's all very UNETHICAL!

All the good Labour politicians seem to have died off recently. It's as if God is saying "You want New Labour? I'll give you New Labour!!" More and more are quietly falling into line. Foreign policy is now decidedly "foreign". So we won't get to hear of the high class call girls' antics, the brown envelopes, and the seedy telephone calls. Shame!

Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb said "How on earth can we lecture the developing world on good governance when we interfere with and block a criminal investigation in this way". On this, I agree with this LibDem. It's all very odd. Over the last few weeks I watched the BBC's "The State Within" with Sharon Gless and Jason Isaacs. Gripping drama, every minute. If only 10% of that was true it makes our leaders look like B-Wing material. Somehow I think it was based on a higher percentage of probability.

Seeing as Blair is only governing on 20% of the total electorate's positive support, his democratic shoes are not really worthy things to be standing in! Roll on next year, I say.


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