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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tories to plan for 300mph trains

Whatever kept them thinking about this for so long? I well remember Prof Eric Laithwaite saying this was a real way to solve the problems with British Rail, as was. He appeared on such programmes as Young Scientist of the Year and he used to demonstrate all his inventions with great gusto and enthusiasm. I was really persuaded by his argument.

When David Cameron gets his Virgin Thunderbolt underway perhaps he will give Eric Laithwaite a mention, and explain why the British establishment is so averse to inventors, discoverers, and designers. After all, it took Edward Jenner over 20 years to obtain recognition from the clowns in the Royal Society that vaccination worked. They should have been around today for the Aids pandemic! What was I saying about giving credit where credit is due? The first Tory train should not be the "Dave Cameron Comet" but the "Eric Laithwaite Levitated Loco"!


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