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Friday, January 26, 2007

Baby Scandal

Here's a bit of news, hot on the tail of the Catholic adoption row. This New Labour government is obsessed with targets. To hell with people's feelings or consciences. They don't matter. Now we have the lid lifted on a social services scandal.

Apparently babies are being removed from their parents so that councils can meet adoption targets. Sounds like China or the late Ceacescu's Romania, doesn't it? LibDem MP, John Hemming says "A thousand kids a year are being taken off their birth parents just to satisfy targets. It is a national scandal. He said children were increasingly placed under "care orders" - where they remain with their birth parents but are kept under supervision by social workers - rather than with foster parents. And this supervision meant some social workers were "gradually taking them away from the parents, step by step, and giving them to someone else."

The mantra of the last few days has been "we must all care for the children". Well, the Catholic Church has been vilified as hyprocritical homophobes by these target-obsessed libertines, but in actual fact they don't care so long as their blessed system of control is not interfered with.



Children are increasingly becoming products of the state rather than the fruit of people's love. The triune sanctity of the nuclear family is being undermined by those who no longer believe in the sacred at all.

Good post. I have also found it hard to stomach the "what's best for the kids" holier than thou attitude of recent weeks. The concern for children comes way down their list of priorities - indoctrination is all they are after.

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