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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Home Office could be split in two!

Dr. Reid is taking a swipe at the Home Office? Splitting it into two? What good would that do? If the culture isn't fixed, the spinning and deception not stopped, and the constant lawmaking of new useless laws not ceased, how is it going to benefit the people of the UK?

A Justice Department and a Security Department is envisaged. Well, New Labour are not very well disposed to being involved in the justice system, are they? Spinning against the police today. I thought that perverting the course of justice was a serious crime. Now I know nobody has been charged, but is this how the new Justice Departmnt is going to behave towards police activity?

And what of a Security Department? Heaven help us! One run by the dodgy dossier compilers? No thank you. If they can't work properly now, without a sea change in their thinking, none of this makes any sense.


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