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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oil for Euros?

I've long since believed that this Iraq War is not about democracy. After all, a hanging chad fixer and his ballot rigging brother are no proper advocates of democratic values. No this is about oil. What? Do people say, oh yes? Heard all that before!

I've been looking at the BBC website's "Have your say" section. This little piece got my attention.

Condsleeza Rice is a despicable human being along with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the Neocons.There plan is going forward....that is to next attack Iran with the aid of Israel and FOR Israel. The troop buildup has nothing to do with Iraq and everything to do with Iran. I don't know if anyone follows this but Iran said they would only be useing Euros for oil transactions, very similar to what Saddam was going to do back in 2000. Of course, if that would happen and the EURO becomes the petrocurrency it would be tantamount to dropping 10 nuclear bombs on the USA. The US dollar is no longer based on gold and hasn't been for quite some time. The US is 10 Trillion in debt.

Dirk, Amsterdam

Dirk puts the case quite well (if a bit trenchantly). If I was running a country 10 Trillion in debt, I'd be keen to see it was financed by the other suckers in the world. On that score,George, you're peerless!


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