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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Under the knife

News reaches these shores that Ugandan men are rushing to the nearest doctor to get circumcised. What for? Because they have been told it cuts down (excuse the pun!) on the liklihood of contracting HIV/Aids. This is all based on fairly flimsy evidence. The only real way to stop getting such infection is abstinance or fidelity. Those that are considering such drastic action should contemplate whether their subsequent behaviour will change. If not, then the operation seems pointless.

I saw a marvellous programme on television about a dog, a dolphin and an elephant each having a pregnancy. The remarkable progress in the womb is based on the evolutionary needs of each mammal. Surely the same could be said of the human male. If each, in every corner of the world, is born with a foreskin, is there not a reason for this? If we are more in tune with creationism then it is God's handiwork, if we are more towards evolution, then it is still the work of God or of Nature.


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