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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Waging War

I don't know what makes some people tick. Geoff Hoon, the Foreign Office minister supposedly with an idea of what is going on in foreign lands, says that the war in Afghanistan is "going to plan". He has an air about him of a devious liar. Politics of the Machievelli type suit him. He thought WMD in Iraq existed. Then when every sane person knew they didn't, he tried to suggest that every sane person believed what he believed. It's all a lot of rubbish.

What the average soldier thinks of him I cannot begin to let my mind loose on!

On the other side of the ocean, George Bush talks tough about sending 20,000 more troops. An assinine ex-military type advisor comes on TV to beguile the people into thinking this will "win the war". Oh boy! Where on earth did he learn to think like this? If Bush is going to "win the war" bombing the **** out of Iraq certainly isn't going to make the Arab world say "George, fancy coming to dinner tonight?".


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