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Monday, February 05, 2007

Archbishop speaks up!

The Archbishop of York is proving to be a man of both principle and common sense. Coming from Uganda at a time when Idi Amin made life hell for anyone with an ounce of rebellious vibes, the Archbishop knows about police states.

He is concerned about the civil liberties of the people of Britain. He is right to be concerned. He says "The Home Secretary has not produced the evidence that shows that in 90 days you're capable of getting somebody prosecuted. Why does he want these days, so the police do what? Gather more evidence? To me that becomes, if you're not very careful, very close to a police state in which they pick you up and then they say later on 'we'll find evidence against you'. That's what happened in Uganda with Idi Amin."

Are they capable of getting prosecutions? In Guantanamo Bay's gulag, the Americans seek to keep people indefinitely it seems. No trials, no evidence, no justice. All they have is a notion that wrongdoing has taken place. Not very judicial?

Is Britain under New Labour going down this path? Lock them up first, then grub around for evidence, and try your luck on a hunch. The Archbishop is not alone in being concerned. I bet most people would have a problem if they got hauled up on the basis of innuendo and being in the wrong place, etc.

The archbishop has also urged people coming to live in the UK to adopt and "cherish" British values. "If you are in Britain and you're British, you should really cherish the traditions that are here," he said. "If you don't actually subscribe to the things that make Britain, you're going to be in trouble."

I agree. But it would be nice if when people got here they didn't feel they had entered a police state!


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